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Community Accountability work

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About Transformative Justice Mediation

Transformative Justice Mediation offers non-punitive, cooperative resolutions for consent issues, focusing on meaningful change and accountability. Informed by restorative and transformative justice, we support individuals and communities in navigating consent violations, centering on the consent of those affected while promoting growth and understanding for all parties involved.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned

... and that’s okay. If you find yourself in a tough consent situation, we’re here to help. Inspired by restorative and transformative justice, we offer mediation and accountability processes to help individuals and communities respond to harm. Whether your boundaries were crossed or you may have crossed someone else’s, we aim to find a cooperative, non-punitive resolution everyone feels good about.

You’ve Had Your Boundaries Crossed

If you feel your consent was violated, we understand you need support, not further violations of your consent. We work with all parties involved to create resolutions that lead to meaningful change, centering your consent throughout the process. You can be as involved as you want, and we ensure accountability in ways that help those responsible understand their actions' impact.

You’ve Been Accused or Are Worried You May Have Crossed a Boundary

If you’ve been accused of a consent violation or are worried about a past interaction, we’re here to support and educate, not blame or punish. Our accountability processes promote growth and respect the humanity of everyone involved. We believe in hearing and respecting you to help you learn and respond with care, acknowledging the harm done.

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