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kamela love

Transformational Coach ~ EFT/Tapping Practitioner ~ Mediator/Facilitator ~ Sacred Sexual Healer

I fondly refer to myself as both a "communication nerd" and a "relationship geek." Highly qualified with

years of holistic training under my belt, I assist spiritually *woke* and high performing people to optimize

your fulfillment in life by clearing out old junk and stepping onto your highest destiny timeline.

I support you to express emotions, to release past ways of being that no longer serve you, and to connect powerfully to Source. I intuitively hold a supportive, safe space for you to do your deepest inner work. Sometimes this looks like me holding the role of Sacred Witness while you explore darkness & transform shame inside you. Sometimes I help you to remove emotional and energetic blocks and to access greater levels of pleasure and sensation in your body. Oftentimes I coach you in game-changing communication

tools that create deeper connection in your most meaningful family and intimate relationships.

If you are experiencing conflict in an important relationship in your life, I can act as a neutral mediator

to guide you and the folk(s) you're having a hard time with to greater understanding and harmony.


Come journey with me... give yourself the gift of accessing ecstatic currents of pleasure

as you claim more and more of the invigorating life force available to people like us

who are on paths of ascension and seek to live in surrender to life's mysteries!

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“My love is just a reminder, find your center”

- Trevor Hall

Intro to Transform Into Love

Intro to Transform Into Love

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Opening Your Body, Mind, and Spirit To More Life Force


Are you "woke" and yet feeling disempowered in your life and/or relationship(s)?

I help you communicate exactly what you want in bed (and in life) as you uplevel yourself by implementing solid boundaries and expressing your needs effectively. You'll shift from feeling frustrated to feeling empowered in your intimate relationship(s), in your work, and in your family!


Do you find yourself stuck with certain recurring triggers and unable to transform them?

Together, we'll tap out the junk from your past that gets in the way of you having a centered,

joyful, and fulfilling experience in your life. Tapping significantly helps heal past trauma, addiction,

and codependency alike. We can use tapping to undo toxic behavior patterns, to heal damaged relationships, and to transform triggers into meaningful learning experiences!


Are you having issues in the relationships that matter most to you?

I'll act as a neutral mediator and facilitate conversations over Zoom between you and the people close to you, supporting you to navigate conflicts from a place of heart-centeredness and mutual respect.

We'll create a safe space for meaningful dialogue, helping each person involved to feel heard and understood. We'll creatively find win-win solutions that address all people's needs.


Are you sick and tired of not getting the conscious touch you want?

We'll do the exploratory work to help you identify what turns you on/off as well as the inner healing work to help you open into fully receiving heightened levels of pleasure from your lover(s)...

until you experience true sexual bliss and fulfillment!

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My training includes: 

Tons of Mediation, Communication, and Professional Facilitator Workshops & Trainings

- 25 years building conscious communication and conflict resolution skills -

Love Coach Academy

- completed conscious relationship coaching program -

I am a Senior Love Coach, see here

Awaken as Love

- completed Stages 1, 2 and Facilitator Training -

I am an Awaken as Love Facilitator, see here

The International School of Temple Arts

- completed Levels 1, 2, 3 and Practitioner Training -

Bliss Life with Cathleene Cienfuegos

- completed Women's Tantra Practitioner Training -

Team Management and Leadership Program @ Landmark Worldwide

- 2 years in a hardcore communication, coaching, leadership program -

The Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing

- 4 years in an intensive spiritual healing school -


And many more trainings too numerous to mention here!


Image by Sage Friedman


Suggested $111 - $222

Are you intrigued by the work I do but not quite ready to commit to a longer time-frame?


Book one session with me for a suggested love donation of $111 - $222 so you can experience my work first hand. Let's see if we're good dance partners before you put your butt on the line for hard core transformation!


If we feel we're a good fit after an intro session and you're ready to dive deeper, I offer custom coaching/tapping/healing session packages.

Meditation by the Sea


3 - 6 month sacred container for individuals:

$2,222 - $5,555 --> custom designed price for you

I work with sliding scales so we can find a best-fit price for your financial flow and I offer discounted rates for folks who are deeply committed to this work with limited financial means. You get all of the following:

- 6-10 sessions, which are 60-90 minutes each, over Zoom and/or in-person
- Unlimited live coaching support (via Voxer app) in between sessions
- Home assignments to practice what we do in our sessions
- Fun, engaging resources to support you in your journey
- Celebration of your completion with a ceremony in nature!

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often one of the keys to thriving in a higher vibration life. If you want to step into your highest destiny timeline and express your deepest soul work in the world, this package is a good fit for you. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and spiritually fulfilling daily life where you feel lit up and money flows easily. Through this sacred container, you will become well-versed at moving through challenges by re-aligning with your soul's purpose. You will become adept at transforming stagnancy into an experience of inner growth, outer action, and heightened pleasure!

Image by Alex Iby


4 - 8 month sacred container for Couples/Polycules:

$5,555-$8,888 -->custom designed for you + your beloved(s)

Based on a sliding scale model so we can find a best-fit price for you and your beloved(s), you both/all get all of the following:

- 8-12 couple/polycule sessions with you and your beloved(s), which are 90-120 minutes each, over Zoom and/or in-person
- I work with threesomes/moresoms that are in stable, conscious poly relationships (package price increases with more folks)
- Unlimited live coaching support (via Voxer app) in between sessions
- Interactive home assignments to practice with each other what we do in our sessions
- Fun, engaging resources to support you in your journey
- Celebration of your completion with a ceremony in nature!

Are you yearning to break through to the next level of soul connection with your partner(s)? Are you frustrated from repeated communication breakdowns? This package is a massive gift to your relationship(s) - to learn to navigate your communication challenges with more authenticity and groundedness, to interact from a place of increased sexual aliveness, and to deepen your heart connection and your relationship to Source/Spirit. This package is available for polycules that are stable and invested in long-term relating with each other (maximum of four people in order for me to give quality coaching to the group)


What real clients are saying...

Alexander / Executive Coaching

Breakthrough results from a couple's session:
my girlfriend and I healed childhood experiences that were getting in the way in our current adult relationship; now we have tools that help us support each other to transmute childhood trauma; Kamela does incredible transformational relationship healing!



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