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My name is Kamela Love and I'm a Transformational Coach ~ EFT/Tapping Practitioner ~ Mediator/Facilitator ~ Sacred Sexual Healer

Kamela Love

I fondly refer to myself as both a "communication nerd" and a "relationship geek." Highly qualified with years of holistic training under my belt, I assist spiritually *woke* and high performing people to optimize your fulfillment in life by clearing out old junk and stepping onto your highest destiny timeline.

I support you to express emotions, to release past ways of being that no longer serve you, and to connect powerfully to Source. I intuitively hold a supportive, safe space for you to do your deepest inner work. Sometimes this looks like me holding the role of Sacred Witness while you explore darkness & transform shame inside you. Sometimes I help you to remove emotional and energetic blocks and to access greater levels of pleasure and sensation in your body. Oftentimes I coach you in game-changing communication tools that create deeper connection in your most meaningful family and intimate relationships.

If you are experiencing conflict in an important relationship in your life, I can act as a neutral mediator to guide you and the folk(s) you're having a hard time with to greater understanding and harmony.


Come journey with me... give yourself the gift of accessing ecstatic currents of pleasure as you claim more and more of the invigorating life force available to people like us who are on paths of ascension and seek to live in surrender to life's mysteries!





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Kamela as guest speaker:

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